3D models and posing suddenly lagging and even crashing clip (AGAIN)

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Alright so I've asked this before and I was told to update my Graphics card. I did exactly that and things worked just fine for a week! Im now back to models loading forever, lagging my program, not working at all or even crashing my program. I updated my card AGAIN and this time the problem hasn't gone away. This wasn't an issue in the first place with this computer and this is only all recent. This should be working! It was perfect first handful of months using clip on this computer and now my workflow is busted. Please help! My graphics card btw is an Intel HD Graphics 4000. I'm well aware that it isn't a good card but again, everything worked flawlessly until the start of June. I haven't done anything differently except update Clip somewhat recently. This is around when the problems began. I don't download things, I don't have a virus, I literally work ALL DAY AND NIGHT doing art, going to bed, waking up and repeat. This isn't even an exaggeration. I could not have done anything possibly different, I need to stress this.

  • 1 month ago
    > Everything worked fine until the beginning of June.
    So if you have an old stable driver instead of the latest driver, it will work without problems.
    Even in games, there are quite a few cases where the driver is updated to the latest version and problems occur.

    The question only tells you that it's Windows, so download and try some of the drivers that suit you.
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