Brush Shortcuts, how to use and how others use shortcuts ?

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I am trying to get into Clip Studio and was wondering how to users manage their hotkeys for brushes, pen, etc ? I know this vary from people to people but i am still interested in knowing.

The main problem i have is that Clip cycles through the tools when i press a hotkey ("B") for the brushes (Brush > Airbrush > Decoration > ) each time i press it. Is there a way for it to be similar to Photoshop where if i press "B" it will still remain the same brush i had previously used regardless if it was an Airbrush or a brush ?

Do you just assign each brush to their individual hotkeys and just live with that ? or is there some other way ?

Published date : 20 days ago

Updated date : 13 days ago


  • 20 days ago
    yes i personally use the default setting for that cycle. though i believe you can reassign them.
    you can go to File > shortcut settings, and select Tools in Category drop down, and then manually assign the button you want to use, for the B button there are Brush, Airbrush, and Decoration.

    ps. in fact i just edited my setting so B button only applies to Brush and Airbrush (i deleted the Decoration shortcut)
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  • 20 days ago
    Open "Shortcut Key Settings" from the "File" menu
    Set "Setting area" to "Option"
    "Switch to previous sub tool" is provided in the "Sub tool palette" item.
    Set a shortcut key here

    However, "B" is the shortcut key set for the brush
    I don't think you can set "Brush" and "Switch to previous sub tool" at the same time
    Will be either
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