New pen keeps dragging the canvas rather than drawing

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I recently got a new pen because my HP pen broke. When I try to draw with the new pen, it only drags the canvas which makes me think that it detects my pen as my fingers instead of an actual pen. Is there any way to fix this?

Published date : 14 days ago

Updated date : 7 days ago


  • 8 days ago
    I didn't write the model number of the pen I bought, and it would be a miracle if I could get an answer to this question.
    If it is a pen that is sensitive to pen pressure, is it about checking whether the previous driver is deleted and the new driver is installed?
    But the most likely thing is a cheap electrostatic induction type touch pen.
    If so, you will be able to draw using the tool with File-> Preferences-> Touch Gesture-> Single Swipe-> Finger.
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