Missing sub tools and slightly laggy strokes

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I am working on Clip Studio Pro and the first issue is I am missing some of the previous default pen, brush and other sub tools which I had before in the tools list. I can't place them back via add default tool option. I had to re-install windows and everything at some point, and after I re-installed Clip Studio back, it came with those sub tools missing and I can't find what exactly I want on Clip Studio Assets, probably because they were actually official tools to begin with. I don't really remember the names of the tools, but one was a pen which curved the strokes automatically, and there was this watercolor brush which left an natural-stroke looks when used.

The second issue is that for the past 2-3 weeks, there has been a slight lag while drawing in Clip Studio Paint. It is nothing that effects the art, but it is annoying as hell when your pen stops moving for a split second and your brush goes slightly off. I've went through from Intel to Windows, and realized that this is something that only happens when the Clip Studio Paint application is running. Any ideas what exactly is causing this and how to solve it?


Published date : 8 days ago

Updated date : 1 day ago


  • 8 days ago
    The specifications of the sub tool have changed due to the update.

    It depends on the specifications of your computer, but if you feel a delay, save it with CLIP STUDIO FORMAT for the time being.
    How about restarting CLIP STUDIO PAINT or restarting your computer? (Meaning to free the cache)
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  • 8 days ago
    I am glad to hear what has happened to the sub tools -
    Yet my second problem still persists. Saving in other format didn't help :(
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  • 8 days ago
    The "Saving in other format didn't help" you said doesn't make sense.
    I needed "CLIP STUDIO FORMAT" Other than this, it doesn't make sense.
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  • 7 days ago
    Its format is "LIP".
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  • 7 days ago
    Yes! ?? I'm surprised.

    When is the version?
    The file extension ".lip" is a distant memory that was version 1.4.3 or earlier.

    No, the file format is correct. It is possible to open with the current version (1.10.13).

    I would like to recommend an update, but the environment settings are too different to explain the update procedure easily.
    Why don't you contact the support desk and update slowly? (Because I can't take responsibility even if a general user explains lightly and fails ... 💦)
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  • 7 days ago
    Thanks, I'll try updating.

    Changing Windows' active hours option from the options have also recuded the lag. It seems the issue is a result of many faults :)
    I'll contact you again if the issue persists.
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  • 7 days ago
    Please do not contact me if the update does not resolve the issue. You don't even need a vest.
    Make the support desk responsible.
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