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When I try to enlarge the line drawing in the middle of working on the manga with the raster layer, it gets rough.

Convert a picture in the middle of work to an image material layer

Enlarge the converted line drawing

After enlargement, rasterize

Would you like to solve it this way?
I wish I had drawn it on a vector layer, but I didn't have any knowledge yet and ended up working on a raster layer ...
Please let me know if this is the solution.
It's okay if the picture is a little rough.

Published date : 3 days ago

Updated date : 3 days ago


  • 3 days ago
    If you enlarge it after making it into an image material, it may be a little cleaner than enlarging it as a raster, but if you enlarge it once, it may not make much difference.
    (When scaling and deforming are repeated many times, it is less likely to deteriorate if it is made into an image material.)

    Alternatively, you may try making the layer you want to enlarge into a file object and enlarging the file object.
    Layer menu-> File object (The layer of the created file object can be treated as an image)-> Enlarge

    If you are using EX, we recommend the plug-in [Super-resolution x 2 (filter)] (free of charge).
    Depending on the state of the original image, it can be magnified much more beautifully than usual.
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  • 3 days ago
    I see, it doesn't make much difference if you only expand it once.
    For the first time, I learned that the more the expansion and contraction deformation is repeated, the more severe the deterioration becomes.

    File objectization seems to be difficult, but I will try various things.
    Thank you for your answer. Thank you very much.
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