Ipad - CSP doesn't recognise external US international keyboard layout

I got a Magic Keyboard 2 to use with my iPad for all the great CSP shortcuts.
However, since I'm in Europe the keyboard is in English International layout. In the iPad OS I switched the settings in external keyboard to US International, and the keys map correctly in every single app I have except CSP.
This mainly affect the brush size shortcut [ and ] . CSP thinks I'm using a standard US layout and makes me use ] for min, and / for max, instead of brackets. If I change the shortcuts in keyboard shortcuts, to reflect my physical keyboard they become ] for min, and @ for max, even though I'm physically pressing [ and ] on my end.
I don't want to change the shortcuts as I'm afraid this could change my Clip Studio desktop settings. I just want for my keyboard to be mapped correctly, as it is in every other program, such as in Procreate, where everything works as it should. Am I missing something?
I'd appreciate any and all help. Thank you in advance.

Published date : 1 day ago

Updated date : 1 day ago


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