How can I transfer my custom brush from IbisPaint into Clip Studio Paint?

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Hi there! I recently bought CSP EX. I originally used IbisPaint on my phone. I found a brush that is like (and honestly better than) the Genius Pen which I used for my line art however I had a custom brush for coloring that I can no longer use. It's in another language so I can't really search for it, but I at least have the QR code for it. I don't think I can transfer it somehow over to CSP EX. If I can, I would really appreciate it if someone could tell me how. I would recreate it but I don't know how too and I don't know if it's within my current skills. I'll show the brush and it's QR code plus how it blends/paints.
Image 1: QR Code
Image 2: How Brush Works/Looks/Blends
Image 3: The Brush Tip? (I don't know if that's the correct term when it comes to digital brushes lol)

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