TABMATE - Improving on the best tool for the job!!

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I love the love the TABMATE.
But... it was just too slim and slippery for me. Especially, when it comes to using that hidden trigger.
So I employed a few savage DIY moves to rescue the device from an Amazon return.
The device is so much more comfortable.
Here are few shots for those any interested in how to make their TABMATE more comfortable
(for about $5)
I wanted to enter this in tips of the month but alas there was no category for hardware hacks LOL.

Published date : 20 days ago

Updated date : 13 days ago


  • 20 days ago
    > Unfortunately there was no hardware hack LOL category.
    However, I think it's a shame because you can't find it as a post to Ask. Don't hesitate to write in Tips.

    Since it is a device improvement proposal to assist production, I think that it does not matter which one is attached without worrying about the genre.
    If you're worried, why not refer to other people's similar types of Tips tags?
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    20 days ago
    Surprisingly, the "+" and "-" buttons on the front of the main unit are not reinforced, right?
    Especially the "-" button is fragile ...
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