Converting to lines and tones problems.

hello! i am still fairly new to CSP so forgive me if this is an easy solution. I have looked up about 5 different articles about this and followed a youtube tutorial and no matter what I cannot get this to work for me. What I am trying to do is convert a 3d object into line art. I will attach my settings which I have tweaked every option for the last hour and cannot get it to output smooth line art. I have tried with different backgrounds and it's always the same. Is there an option I am missing or something? As you can see in the screenshot the windows of the school are jagged and so are a lot of the other lines. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Published date : 16 days ago

Updated date : 9 days ago


  • 16 days ago
    What is the size of your canvas? px x px (or inches or whatever) and dpi. If you are using a small/low res canvas, the lines won't look as good (they don't have as much data to work with (like a big canvas does) to make nice looking lines).
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