Please tell me how to smooth the jaggedness m (_ _) m

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Always we are indebted.

The line is jagged, which I attached,
How can I enlarge it to make it smooth and smooth?

This is my work process ...

Take a line drawing picture with your mobile phone

Transfer line drawing photos to your computer desktop

Dropped on a newly created white canvas in Clip Studio

Colored with a bucket tool

It's like ...

When I zoom in, it becomes jagged, and in some places
Since a white gap will be created, it is said to enlarge and fill the white part with a brush tool
It's really inefficient and it's not beautifully finished (T T)

I tried googled myself, but it didn't work
I want to express a smooth line.
I would appreciate it if you could give me some advice for beginners.
Thank you for your cooperation.

Published date : 13 days ago

Updated date : 12 days ago


  • 13 days ago
    If you set the line drawing to the top of the layer and select "Edit"> "Convert Luminance to Transparency", only black lines will appear.
    Do you use an undercoat when you apply color? When painting with the bucket fill tool, it is better to fill the inside of the outline (the outermost line of the person) additionally under the line. Turn on antialiasing and fill. I don't use "area expansion / contraction", but it may be set to about 0.1.
    If you can't paint it, enlarge it and paint it with a marker.
    When the undercoat is finished, start with a normal coat. When painting with one layer, the layer to be painted will not stick out if "Lock transparent pixels" is turned on.

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  • 12 days ago

    Thank you for your support.
    Thank you very much for your kind and polite answer.
    I would like to make the best use of the advice I received.
    Thank you for your cooperation.
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