The brushes are spinning and shaking

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Hey! :)

So, I'm new to CSP (literally downloaded it two days ago) and still on my 30-day free trial.

Still, I just found an issue that I'm pretty sure it is related to a decoration brush setting I can't find.

I've noticed that some os my brushes (not all of them) are spinning and shaking as I move my pen. If I do circular moves, the shape of the brush just follow them. If the brush is a tree brush, for example, the top of the tree will not always be upwards as it's suppose to be, but, as I move my pen, it will be downwards or sidewards too. It's really anoying, because I feel like I can't control the brush. Can anyone help me solve it?

Also, why do I think it has to be related to a brush setting I can't find? Because this is also happening with a few brushes that it kinda makes sense to happen - like chain ones or lace ones.

I tried putting an image here to illustrate it!

Oh, and I have a Wacon One drawing table, but not sure if that information helps.

Published date : 1 month ago

Updated date : 1 month ago


  • 1 month ago
    You can try to change the brush value to achieve the desired position

    (1) Select the brush you want to change
    (2) Click "Window" and select "Accessibility Details"
    (3) Go to "Direction" in "Brush Front"
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