Going into the clothing decoration subtool folder crashes CSP

Hi there,

Whenever i go into the decoration tool and click on the clothing tab, it causes my program to instantly freeze and the application crashes.

I was wondering if anyone else has had this issue and has figured out a solution?

All the other tabs in the decoration tool work fine, so im really not sure what could be causing this.

I am also on a Mac

Published date : 12 days ago

Updated date : 5 days ago


  • 11 days ago
    It is possible that one of the brushes in the decoration [clothing] has been damaged.
    Other decoration brushes seem to be safe, so from the hamburger menu (three lines) in the tool
    Add initial tools → Add decorations Add new decoration brushes
    Why don't you check that your [Clothing] brush works fine? If it works fine, I think the original tool should be deleted.

    If the problem seems to continue, from the gear menu in the upper right of Clipstudio (launcher software) side
    I think it would be better to rebuild the material database of the maintenance menu.
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