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I used to purchase the EX version of Clip, which is currently only used on my desktop computer. Now I have purchased a new laptop and want to use it, but a message appears that I must switch the device. However, a set of serial numbers cannot be used on two computers. Up? Or am I doing something wrong? (My serial number is 30 words serial number)

Just now I wrote to ask the official, but the official was not surprised and answered the wrong question, so I came here to ask questions.

Thank you everyone who is willing to answer.

Published date : 12 days ago

Updated date : 11 days ago

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    12 days ago
    If two licenses have already been registered and the dialog appears, it means that the device is the third device in the "license over" state.
    If you accept the switch, only the license registration for that third device will be valid, and the other two will be unlicensed.

    Since license registration for two units is permitted with one serial number, the third unit becomes the first unit, and one more unit can be added.
    You can re-register either of the two units whose license registration has been canceled. Or it can be the 4th unregistered unit.

    By repeating this procedure, you can unlock the license even if the device is damaged.
    However, if you frequently perform the license release procedure in a short period of time, it may be automatically determined as "illegal use" and the serial number may be permanently locked.

  • 11 days ago
    Thank you for your reply, I should be that the obsolete laptops have not exited the verification, but simply uninstalled.
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