Copy & Paste Keyframes from Animation Folder to Layer Folders

I currently have a layer folder including two different animation folders. One of my animation folders has a set of keyframes, but I wanted to copy and paste those keyframes from the animation folder onto the layer folder that it's inside, so the keyframes would apply to ALL the animation folders within it.

I thought this could work, since I CAN put keyframes on my layer folder manually and they DO apply to all animation folders within, but once I try to copy the keyframes from the animation folder and paste them onto the layer folder, I get the error "You cannot paste different types of tracks."

Does anyone know a way to copy and paste those keyframes properly, or some kinda workaround that wouldn't have to result in me re-doing all my keyframes?

Thank you in advance!

Published date : 13 days ago

Updated date : 6 days ago


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    13 days ago
    There are three types of "different types of tracks": animation folders, 2D camera folders, and audio folders.
    It's easy to get the "You can't paste different types of tracks" dialog like you say, but
    What combination of copies are you? I couldn't understand without an image explanation because there wasn't enough material to judge whether the pasting operation was appropriate.

    The sample image operation is an example of copying a clip in the animation folder and pasting it on the clip in the camera folder.
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  • 13 days ago
    I'm basically trying to copy the keyframes from one of the animation folders onto the layer folder in the timeline. Below is a screenshot of my timeline and a screenshot of my layers.
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    13 days ago
    Thank you for posting the image.
    I understand the layer structure, but I'm not sure why the error occurred in your operation.
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