Can't place new watercolor brushes in any brush tabs

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I am not sure what is wrong. I try to drag and drop a new set of brushes that I got into my brush tabs, but I've tried every single one and it's not working. I was video chatting with a friend, and she said that I am completely missing the watercolor brush from my brushes tab. I have no idea how to fix this and have run out of ideas.

Published date : 1 month ago

Updated date : 1 month ago


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    1 month ago
    Select multiple brush sets from the downloaded "Brush Set" and drag and drop them onto the "Sub Tools" palette.
    After that, grouping is done in the sub tool.
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  • 1 month ago
    1. Make sure your Paint is up to date (Current version is 1.11.4) (Paint > Help > Version Information):

    2. If you downloaded them from Assets, please share the Content ID.

    3. Make sure you are trying to drag and drop the brush file, not an image material or brush tip:

    4. You can recover missing default Tools and Sub Tools by following the instructions here:

    5. In version 1.10.10, the default sub tools got a makeover:

    6. This Tips article says it's for iPad, but rearranging palettes and tools works the same way on desktop. Any brush can be dropped into any Tool category:
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