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Hello, I am new to clip studio and I have a problem. When I download brushes and install them after closing the software they no longer appear in my tools. How can we prevent them from "disappearing"?

Published date : 1 month ago

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    1 month ago
    Most programs, not limited to CLIP STUDIO PAINT, will be reproduced by restarting while maintaining the previous settings if the exit operation is correct.
    The "Brush" used in CLIP STUDIO PAINT is stored in the "Download" folder of the "Material" menu.
    From the "Download" folder, the user can optionally register it in the "Sub Tools" palette by dragging and dropping.
    At this stage, continuous registration is not completed and will be saved as a setting if the program ends successfully.

    This ASK asks the same kind of questions over and over again. Most users turn off the power without completing the internal procedures of the computer itself.
    The settings will fail to save when you shut down the computer.

    Allow sufficient time for the program to end and the computer to end.

    If that doesn't work, please contact official support.
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