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I have an animation I am currently working on. There is a part where both of the characters hands are in the air. To make things easer on myself and looking better in general, I would like to Copy the left hand, flip it, and paste it back on the same frame that I am working on. But for some reason, that seems like an impossible task. Is there any way to copy a selected area in a frame, and paste it back down on the same frame? That seems almost like a very stupid question to ask, because what software that promotes animation DOSNT have that feature.
I was able co copy the hand and place it on another frame NEXT to the desired frame, but when I try to select them both and merge them, one frame's contents WILL disappear and leave me with just one frame, unchanged. If there isn't a way to copy and paste, is there a way to merge two frames together, and keep both of their contents?

Published date : 20 days ago

Updated date : 13 days ago


  • 20 days ago
    Can you take a screenshot of the entire operation screen and post an image from the answer to this question, what you want to do?

    As a guess, right-click the name of the cell (layer) you want to paste and select "Create folder and insert layer".
    If you insert the layer you want to paste into the created folder, it will be treated as the same cell (layer) without merging.
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