The exported image has chromatic aberration

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The csp display has chromatic aberration, the color format is consistent, and the csp will be more vivid than the ps on the same monitor

Published date : 13 days ago

Updated date : 9 days ago

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  • 13 days ago
    Why don't you paste the exported image that shows that in the answer column?

    Avoid images of others or copyrighted images.
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  • 11 days ago
    Sorry for not posting the picture before, the picture is drawn in csp, the same layer is copied to ps, it feels a bit oversaturated, if it is a brightly colored picture, the gap will be more obvious, the color format of csp and ps are the same
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  • 11 days ago
    Thank you for uploading the preview image.

    I was wondering if Google Translate wasn't accurate, or if it was a problem of "chromatic aberration (RGB is displayed with a slight shift)" in Japanese.

    When I tried using another web translation, it was translated as "color difference".

    This is my personal guess.

    If you have a PSD file with many layers you are working on, the colors will probably change considerably even if the color profile is the same.

    I think that the parameters of these, such as the layer composition mode, color tone correction layer, and how to handle layer transparency, differ considerably between different software.

    So, with the color profile added in CLIP STUDIO PAINT, try exporting with "File"> "Integrate and export images"> "PSD".

    In this state, please compare with each other's software.

    When I compared it with my Photoshop and CLIP STUDIO PAINT, I felt that there was a slight difference in color, but there was no big difference.

    RGB: sRGB I compared with IEC61966-2.1.

    I'm not too familiar with it, so there may be other people's answers.
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  • 11 days ago
    Thank you very much for your answer, Google translation is right, it is indeed "color difference (RGB が less し ず れ て means さ れ る こ と)", although the color difference in the example image is not big, but if the image with higher saturation will have a greater impact.
    The color difference still exists when the psd is completely exported, and the color formats of the two software are RGB:sRGB IEC61966-2.1.
    The problem has been solved, [View]>[Color Profile]>Open the preview of the same format can correct the preview color difference of csp, but the reason is not clear.
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  • 11 days ago
    I'm sorry, the content translated by google here was like this.

    "chromatic aberration"

    Using the web translation below seems to be quite accurate.

    As with CMYK, Adobe may be more accurate in color.
    I don't understand it deeply either.

    The picture of the rabbit in the preview is wonderful.
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