The result depends on the color of other layers in the fill.

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When using the "Refer to another layer" fill, if the layer that locks the transparent part at the top is painted as you thought it was other than white, and that layer uses pure white, that layer will be referenced. I'm in trouble because something like that hasn't been done. The layer is to prevent the original from sticking out, and it feels like the outside of the frame is filled with white at the top. If it is a color other than white such as blue-green like the image, it will be referred to without any problem. Is there a way to refer to it in white as well?

Published date : 6 days ago

Updated date : 6 days ago


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  • 6 days ago
    Probably, you paint with a white paper layer as the base.
    "Refer to other layers" is the layer to be referred to to determine the fill area (area with similar colors) of the bucket.
    Even if there is a white referenced layer on white paper, it will not be judged that it will be filled there.

  • 6 days ago
    Thank you for your easy-to-understand answer.
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