Can I save an image sequence with layers included?


I would like to save an animation image sequence and in the end have each individual image file still include the layers and not be flattened. ex: If I opened a file in the exported sequence it would still include the character layer and background layer, but not be flattened together into 1 layer.

Any help would be great, thanks!

Published date : 1 month ago

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    Regarding "Can I save an image sequence containing layers?" In the subject line
    Since the file format choices for sequence images can only be selected from "png / bmp / jpg / tga / tif", they will be flattened.
    The purpose of the sequence file you say is unknown.
    For example, if you export each animation folder as a single sequence file, it is possible to combine individual layers with different software.
    Also, if you select "Animation cell output", it will be exported in layer units, but the timeline will be ignored, so a separate time remap will be required.
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