pen switching from erase to brush instead of erase to pencil

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I just want my button on my pen to switch back to the last thing i was using and i don't know how to do that

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    There are several ways
    "Command bar settings"
    Select "Command Bar Settings" from the "File" menu
    Set the pull-down item on the upper right to "option"
    Use the (>) on the left of the "Sub Tool Palette" in the list below to display the items that can be used with the sub tool.
    Select "Switch to previous tool"
    "Switch to previous tool" icons are lined up in the "command bar"

    Display the "Quick Access" palette in the same way.
    Display "Quick Access Settings"
    Similarly, set the pull-down to "option"
    Display the "Sub Tool Palette" item in the list below and select "Switch to Previous Tool".
    You should see a "Switch to previous tool" icon in the "Quick Access" palette

    You can also set it as a "shortcut key"
    Select "Shortcut Key Settings" from the "File" menu
    Set the pull-down menu of "Setting area" to "Option"
    Open the (>) in the "Sub Tool Palette" below to display a list of commands.
    Select "Switch to previous sub tool" and assign a "shortcut key"
    If you click "OK", you will be able to return to the previous sub tool of the eraser with the shortcut key.
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