Unable to install Clip Studio Paint

I purchased CSP Pro and downloaded the latest version. When I go to install using the file, Windows asks if I want to allow Clip Studios Paint to make changes on my device and then after I say yes, nothing happens. No installation prompts, no error messages, nothing. I double click it again and repeats the same process. I thought maybe the file might be corrupt and downloaded it again, same thing. I downloaded the previous version of the program with the same result when attempting to install.

I previously had CSP on my PC with a monthly plan, but when I couldn't afford it anymore, I uninstalled the program. It worked perfectly fine then. Is there some kind of artifact left on my PC or something that I need to delete/uninstall? It doesn't come up at all when I look for the app on the PC so I'm a little confused why the installer doesn't do anything, even when ran as admin.

Published date : 1 month ago

Updated date : 1 month ago



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