How can I get this file out of Read Only mode?

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I created a file for a large project in a different version of Clip Studio, and messed around with the animation features in that file. Now, probably more than a year later, I've switched to Clip Studio Paint Pro, and I need the assets in that file for my project again, but it will only open in Read Only mode "as it contains timeline settings that cannot be handled by Clip Studio Paint Pro." I assume this is probably due to them limiting the Pro version to only 24 frames of animation.

The things is I don't need the animation! I'd be fine with it if they just got rid of that, I was just messing around with it. But I NEED the rest of the assets in that file! How can I get this file out of read only mode so I can access my work? This is a really obnoxious way for the program to handle downgrading to a different version!

Published date : 8 days ago

Updated date : 1 day ago


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