I want advice on what to do when buying a new computer

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Currently, I am thinking of replacing my computer with a new one in order to use Clip Studio, but please consult with us about what kind of computer you should buy based on the following situations and needs.

【current situation】
▪️ Equipment currently in use
・ MacBook Air 4GB (pc)
・ Wacom liquid tab 13 inches (tablet)
・ Clip Study EX (App)
・ (In the future) Adobe software may be installed as needed.

▪️ Current status
Using the above equipment, I make illustrations and animations as a hobby.
When I work, I sometimes work in a cafe because it's better to work in a cafe than at home. In that case, bring a Macbook and a 13-inch Wacom tablet to the cafe.
However, when I recently used a Wacom tablet, it freezes or gets lines, and if I check with Wacom Customer Support for the cause, it is probably because the Macbook is 4GB, so if I replace it with a 16GB PC, it will be a problem. It is said that it will be solved, and I am considering replacing the PC.
* Here, we will not discuss whether the cause of the problem is the GB spec or not.

I would like to buy a new PC in the above situation, but as my need, it is very heavy to carry a MacBook Air, especially when working outside, and since the work itself is mainly a Wacom tablet, bring a Mac. I didn't want to carry a Mac as much as possible because the main reason for doing this is because of the connection, but since connecting to Wacom is a must, I always carried it as a set.
Since it is necessary to replace it with 16GB this time, if I researched various things on my own, is it okay if the 13 inch / 16GB of MacBook Pro covers various needs? I'm thinking now, but I don't think I'm really into my needs because it's heavy to bring.

[Needs I recognize]
・ When working outside, I want to use a PC or tablet that is as light and small as possible.
-As a function, the mast must have specifications of 16GB or more.
・ The lower the price, the better, and I don't want high performance.
・ Because I am a Mac user, I was looking for a Mac somehow, but I am not absolutely particular about Mac, but if you have a suggestion when switching to Windows, please tell me the disadvantages.
・ I want to keep the budget below 30,000
・ It doesn't matter if it is second hand. There is no hesitation in buying at Mercari or Yahoo Auction.

Which pc or tablet should I buy in these situations?

[I'm glad to receive your advice]
・ I'm not familiar with pc terms, and I can hardly understand them when I use technical terms, so I would appreciate it if you could use words that you can understand to speak to your grandfather.
・ I am grateful that it is easier to find out if you specify it in a limited way, such as "In other words, you should buy this pc". If you make various suggestions, you will not understand it.
・ I wrote the needs that I am aware of above, but if you want to do something like this, you still need a PC like this. I am grateful for your suggestions.

[Other supplements]
・ Wacom has a tablet that can connect to the Internet, so why not buy it? I have the advice that Wacom Tablet 13 is at hand now, so I will tell you in advance that the proposal is not in the current needs after understanding it.
・ You must buy a new one within a few days. It's not an imminent situation, but I can't draw when I want to, so I'd like to take the move to buy a new one as soon as possible.

That is the situation.
Lastly, I feel that the premise of consulting with this bulletin board about pc is different, but since the above problems have occurred on the premise that I want to use Clip Studio, I will give you advice here. I thought that I would like to receive it, so I wrote it.

Thank you.

Published date : 3 days ago

Updated date : 3 days ago


  • 3 days ago
    The purchase-out version of CLIP STUDIO PAINT cannot be used (EX is 980 yen per month), and there are drawbacks that the memory capacity is small, but how about an iPad?
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  • 3 days ago
    To Mr. Akisora
    Thank you. I'm using a sold-out version of EX, so it's imperative that it's a usable device.
    If the memory capacity is small, memory can be put in hd, so it seems that we can devise a countermeasure. However, it will be an iPad of 16GB or more.
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  • 3 days ago
    I'm sorry I couldn't make a proposal according to your wishes 💦
    I hope you find a good model 😆 👍
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  • 3 days ago
    Why not search for "used Core i5 windows 11"?

    If you have a model that can replace the memory even with 4G memory, you should buy 8GBx2 of the corresponding memory (probably cheaper) and add it while looking at the instruction manual.
    Lighter models may not be at that price.

    However, I'm running windows 11 with this cpu (I don't know what it means because there are many used ones.
    (Tell me who knows)
    I feel that 8th generation or higher CPU and TPM 2.0 or higher were required to run windows 11 seriously.

    There are quite a few windows 10 models for about two years, but there is nothing left.
    I presume that CLIP STUDIO PAINT will probably not be supported if windows10 is no longer supported.
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  • 3 days ago
    To Usapyon
    Thank you for your comment!

    very sorry. I was embarrassed because I could hardly understand what Usapyon was saying, but I could hardly understand what he was saying. If you don't mind, I would be grateful if you could tell me, "You should buy this computer."

    Make various settings <The price will be a little higher.

    The need is high at the moment. Therefore,

    ・ Buy 4ga and increase it → (If it's easy or has a big advantage, I'll do it, but if there is a burden, I once felt that I didn't want to make that choice.)
    -I feel that an 8th generation or higher CPU or TPM 2.0 or higher was required to run windows 11. → (? I didn't understand the meaning here)
    ・ There are quite a few windows 10 models for about two years, but there is nothing left. → (? I didn't understand what you were saying here either)
    -I presume that CLIP STUDIO PAINT will probably not be supported if windows 10 is no longer supported. → (I understand the part that "will not be supported", but I would be grateful if you could introduce a completely compatible one rather than using the software with the risk of becoming non-compliant.)

    Thank you for telling me.
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  • 3 days ago
    I have the impression that the conditions are quite unreasonable.
    The MacBook Air is already less than 1.5kg, so if you are looking for something lighter than that, it is a considerably smaller and lighter model.
    It is difficult to make it smaller and lighter, so the price will be higher. If the iPad is NG, I feel that there is virtually no choice but a Windows tablet.
    However, when it comes to tablets, the terminals that can be connected (USB-C or HDMI) are limited, so can Wacom's liquid tab be connected? The problem comes out.

    Windows 11 just came out in October last year, so if you want Windows 11, you can think that there is no "used and cheap".
    Since 16GB of memory is a high-performance one by itself, it contradicts the desire to "cheap one because we do not require high performance".
    Since the configuration of the PC is balanced, if the memory is 16GB and the other parts are poor, the performance of the 16GB memory cannot be utilized.
    In other words, the price of a PC that can utilize 16GB of memory will increase because the specifications will increase as a whole.

    There is nothing more scary than "choose a computer" by throwing a ball from a person who "doesn't know anything about a computer".
    I can't refuse as much as a person who is familiar with it, but I'm asked by my relatives to choose it, but I don't want to answer because I've been faced with unreasonable treatment that complains that this is different.
    I think it's easy to get an answer if you narrow down the model yourself and ask, "Which is better, this or this?"
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  • 3 days ago
    That's a crazy question. How about using an iPad with Sidecar?
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  • 3 days ago
    If you don't understand that much, go to a computer shop and the clerk will kindly tell you.

    If you actually talk about it, you can get information about the actual market price of practical notebooks and mobile PCs.

    The content I wrote can be found by searching the web. I don't feel like I don't know what to search for.

    My dad feels the same, such as less than 30,000 yen or second-hand goods. If you think it is impossible, please contact a PC shop.
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  • 3 days ago
    If you've been using a Mac before, you probably don't know much about Windows, but Microsoft doesn't support Windows 10.
    It has been announced until October 14, 2025. When support ends, security updates will no longer be possible.
    In that case, CLIP STUDIO PAINT will also be separated from the Windows 10 PC as an operation target. Usapyon says
    "There is no rest" on Windows 10 models means that the support period is only a few years, so even if you buy it, you can not use it for a long time.

    Also, to run Windows 11, you need an 8th generation CPU or TPM 2.0 or higher, which means that Windows 11 is an old computer.
    It means that it cannot be used. A guideline is about 3 to 4 years ago. The CPU does not support older PCs.

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  • 3 days ago
    I wrote it on my smartphone in a dark place earlier, so I'll continue.

    > If you like, I would be grateful if you could tell me that you should buy this computer.

    One danger is that the question here is not a computer shop, so if Kumiko has difficulty in knowing the machine, and if something goes wrong with the purchase as recommended, what is the recommendation from the person who recommended it? It is said that the guarantee of is not obtained.

    If you compare the question to a property, it's like asking the general public to introduce a cheap property with good conditions because it can be used in places where the land price is high.

    I think I would go to a real estate agent, set conditions, and take a look at them to get information.

    In the same way, that's what I wrote about hitting a PC shop or a used PC shop.
    I think you can get some guarantee even if you buy it after being recommended.

    > ・ Buy 4ga and increase it → (If it's easy or has a big advantage, I'll do it, but if there is a burden, I once felt that I didn't want to make that choice.)

    It's a little different, I wrote that it will be replaced.
    It means to remove 4GB of memory, buy a new 16GB (2 pieces of 8GB) that meets the standard, read the manual, and install it by yourself.
    When I searched for a second-hand notebook PC, it happened that the one with Windows 11 was in the 20,000 yen range, so the cheap 8GB is about 3,400 yen, so it is calculated that it will be less than 30,000 yen.

    However, as Apple Apple added, the CPU was not the 8th generation for Windows 11, so there was a question.

    It was an Intel cpu computer, but it is possible to upgrade from Windows 10 to 11 even if the CPU is not the 8th generation.

    So I thought it was a (incomplete) computer with a meaning (I think I don't understand what I'm writing ...)

    Since there is such a mystery, I think it is good to contact the shop staff who are experts directly without any mistakes.
    In the first place, second-hand goods are not recommended for people who are not familiar with PCs.
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  • 3 days ago
    It is probably impossible to insert the memory into the MacBook Air because it seems that the memory is directly attached to the board.
    I don't think the MacBook Pro's 13-inch / 16GB is sold for 30,000, so it's difficult ...
    Is it a light and small PC or tablet that has 16GB or more?
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  • 3 days ago
    I'm sorry I made a mistake
    > It's a little different, I wrote that it will be replaced.

    I wrote that it will be added first, I am very sorry.
    Please replace it with a replacement.

    Your laptop may have a slot for inserting memory.
    Unlike a desktop PC, you can probably only stab up to two, so you will end up replacing it.

    By the way, the lighter the PC, the more difficult it is for the general public to open the inside, and in many cases the memory cannot be touched.
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  • 3 days ago
    A long time ago, I bought a used Powerbook 3400 (OS8 or 7.9, so it's an antique level).
    It was a little troublesome when using because the internal battery was exhausted and the time went wrong and the charging battery also had poor contact.
    I think you should be careful when buying second-hand goods. Even if there is a store warranty, it will be about 1 to 3 months.

    16GB was said by Wacom's customer support, but that's probably the story.
    I don't know how much it will be produced, but is it possible that 8GB is okay?
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  • 3 days ago
    In the first place, where did you get the grounds for the 16GB of on-board memory?
    Even if you say only the part that says "16GB is good", it is compatible with the machine, so it is a dignified tour that "I do not understand" unless I study the basics of those relationships and consult with them.

    For example, if you search for "tablet 16GB" in Mercari, you will find many cheap ones.
    However, most of them are OS or Android version that CLIP STUDIO PAINT does not support, and the license for your PC cannot be applied. That is the time.
    (If CLIP STUDIO PAINT is updated in the future, it is expected that the PC version license will no longer be available or an additional upgrade fee will be incurred.)

    Do you want to set the amount higher?
    Do you give up the weight ...
    Do you give up the license ...
    Do you give up CLIP STUDIO PAINT ...

    It's up to you.
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  • 3 days ago
    If you think about it, you can replace the battery for a fee, but it seems that the entire control board may go wrong.
    After all, notebook mobile may not be recommended except for old and new = expensive
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  • 3 days ago
    Is the 13-inch MacBook PRO so heavy?
    Excuse me, but since I wrote "Grandfather" myself, it may seem heavy in terms of age.
    Is this MacBook PRO 13 inch good? On the other hand, it can be used, and the budget should be kept below 30,000.
    The range of the amount is 100,000 yen or more, and there are some parts that I do not know which to use as the standard.
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  • 3 days ago
    ladies and gentlemen
    Thank you for teaching me various things.
    For me, I need to buy a new computer.
    ・ Light items to carry
    ・ I am not particular about performance, but 16GB or more is required
    ・ Since I used to use Apple, I have Apple products in mind, but are there any options for Windows?
    ・ If possible, I would appreciate it if it is cheap and 30,000 or less.

    Under the condition of having the flexibility, such a personal computer
    please? I wanted to receive advice. It was that.
    Of course, the liability issue due to the advice given above
    He didn't think about it, he just asked for his opinion as advice.

    However, I realized that it was wrong to ask for advice here because everyone's opinions are not very clear from my knowledge.
    We apologize for the inconvenience.
    Please refrain from asking questions.

    Mr. Akisora, Mr. Usapyon, Mr. Kemo, Mr. Apple Apple, Mr. Prajna Yu
    Thank you for teaching me various things. I am very grateful to you.
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