Can I paint additional channels besides RGB?

Is there any way to paint, with the same stroke, in addition to RGB, additional channels that I could then export as a separate image? Like, I'm painting a texture for a game, and I want to distinguish between matte red and glossy red.

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  • 3 days ago
    CLIP STUDIO PAINT "Channel" is not used in the common term. All are written as "layers".
    There are many special layers, but the most commonly used is the "clipping" feature. This is the "D" item in the following manual.
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  • 3 days ago
    If you are talking about PBR channels ( metal, roughness, glossiness etc), then no.

    You can yourself paint layer by layer, add shiny look to the red layer in precise sport by actually painting on it. But then if you apply that texture on the 3d model, and turn the 3d model, the areas will highlights will remain constant, and the highlights will not change based on the position of your light source.
    Basically, ClipStudio isn't made for texture mapping. I guess it's possible to some extent, because there are tutorials for painting base color (Diffuse maps), and Bump maps:

    Also I'm a bit confused why you're mentioning RGB channels, since that makes me think of Normal Maps, which you can't do in ClipStudio either.
    I'd recommend to use tools fitting for your purpose; using software geared towards 3d modeling will give you better and quicker results.

    That aside, here's a link to Support Desk. You can write a feature request to them :
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