Game creation, adding bone and spline features for rigging animation planned?

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Hello everyone ,

Was wondering if clip studio has some future plans on developing some bone and spline features in the future? That would facilitate importing or exporting files with the rig and bones to a game engine that supports software like unreal, unity, blender?
Asking for indie dev because I wanna make some rig for animating a game character. Right now clip studio ex is good enough for film, stickers and emotes but really rudimentary for creating game assets. Anyone using clip studio to make indie games? What is your experience with clip studio?

Best regards wolf

Published date : 3 days ago

Updated date : 3 days ago


  • 3 days ago
    If you ask general users who have nothing to do with the company, you will not get an answer.
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  • 3 days ago
    oh i see.
    thank you.
    i may ask the support team then.
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  • 3 days ago
    ClipStudioPaint Ex is not intended for creating 3d models.

    I'm not sure from your message whether you know another software - ClipStudioModeler. There are some bone features already. You can also add standard bones to a model without them. See here for details :

    For detailed requests or feedback, write to Support Desk here:

    About your other questions - "Anyone using clip studio to make indie games?"
    It depends on the stage of development.
    -> ClipStudioPaint is not a modeling software. It doesn't have sculpting features, so you can't create original 3d models for your game. Even ClipStudioModeler is mostly for configurating and settings up 3d models, preparing Materials to use with ClipStudioPaint.

    -> For the concept art for the game preparation? Yes. There are users who use ClipStudio to make concept art or sprites for games.

    Will ClipStudio become something bigger, and branch out and develop modeling features?
    I don't know. But suppose that they do. It will still take a long time to get to a stage where ClipStudio could compete with Blender or Maya. Your indie game will likely to be finished by then.

    In conclusion, I would stick to Blender for rigging or modeling for game development. It's best to use software that's the most fitting to your task : )
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  • 3 days ago
    Well, I wasn´t intending to create 3D models with clip studio but missed the feature to rig some 2D or 3D assets to export them into game engines together with the rig. That would be heaven. Right now it´s hard to deform, not having any bones to work with. It´s hard to move with precision or create smooth movements without a parenting system for the characters. It´s so laborious animating if you can only move a single layer that can not interact with the others. And the programmer can´t change the animations once you´ve exported it as a movie or gif
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  • 3 days ago
    The vector layers and animation functions in CLIP STUDIO PAINT are not compatible with other companies' programs.
    As you know, 3D models (objects) are not linked to the animation function (current specifications).

    You may not know what you expect from CLIP STUDIO PAINT, but it is a company with poor development ability because the software that "draws pictures with beautiful lines" was originally developed.
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  • 3 days ago
    You're not using the right tools, that's why it's laborious. It's like using a bucket in place of a hammer. Sure, you may be able to ram a nail into the wood with a bucket. But what's the point?

    To me, it's more realistic that ClipStudio implements features for 2d animations similar to Live2D, than that ClipStudio adds rigging.
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