Animation looks different in photo library than in CSP

I’ve created an animation with tweening I want to upload to my photo library, but when I rewatch the animation in the photo library, the layers are off and spread out.
This may have happened because not long ago, when I was working on it, the layers just randomly spreaded out, so I fixed it, and it looks good in CSP now. But now, when I download the animation/tweening to photo library the layers still are spread out. I tried fixing it by changing the position of the layers but it still wont’t update the animation when i save it!
The overall animation looks how I want it in CSP, but turns out different when I save it to photo library, Please help! (I use CSP on IPad)

Published date : 1 day ago

Updated date : 1 day ago


  • 1 day ago

    I don't know the exact solution. But here are two possible ways :
    Duplicate the file. Open the duplicate. Export the animation. Check if the issue persists.
    "Save as" save another file. Open it and export the animation. Check if the issue persists.

    Try also this :
    Take the duplicated CLIP file. Then go to [File]-> [Preferences]->[File]. Check if the option "Use layer cache when exporting" is enabled or disabled. If it's enabled, turn it off.
    Export the animation. Check if the issue is still there.

    If the issue is still there, maybe try rebuilding the animation in a new file?

    Or contact the support :
    It's probable that the first instruction given will be to update ClipStudio to the latest version
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