Brush recommendations - Like a soft pencil ?

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This is a reply to another user who asked to find a brush. The original post will likely be deleted because it seems the user included pictures of other artists' works.

Link to the original question :

It might be deleted now, so I'm reformulating below :
The user is looking for a brush like a soft pencil, or like a watercolor pencil.

The examples of the brush use were works of a digital artist ヒトこもる (precise image referenced is
The other reference image wasn't identified, since Google Lens couldn't find the original source. I would describe it as a soft pencil, almost pastel-like, with a paper texture.

First of all, to my eye, it looked like the two images were drawn with different brushes, maybe even by two different people. There's that.

So how do you find the brush?
The surest way is to ask the artists themselves. You can comment under their work, or contact them via social media, or look if they made any art tutorials.
However, it's less trouble to search yourself for similar-looking brushes. I would advise you to search on ASSETS for "soft pencil".
There's too many to count, but when I find exact pencils to recommend, I'll post them in this thread.

If other users know pencils to recommend, go ahead

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