Change Location materials to my Second HDD but the folder is still empty while moving

Helpppp so it is currently moving data, it my second harddrive it created a clipstudiocommons drive and when i clicked it Says "The Folder is Empty" BUT when i check the folder's properties it says the size of the folder is 1.14GB and have 12,221 files and 6,173 folders, but when i click the clip studio folder IT SAYS "The Folder is Empty" And there is nothing there!, Has anyone have encountered this?!??!? Is this normal???, because the previous change location of materials that i did it happened the same it says The Folder Is empty, then the moving of data loading was finished BUT THEN it suddenly says ERROR Changing location so it didnt change and i waited hours for that!!!, can someone please guide me is this normal that the folder is emoty and will only show up when the moving is ready??? My original clipstudiocommons material files from my First Harddrive is 10GB and im moving it to My Second Harddrive Because i dont want it to be Error Changing Location again After Waiting For Hours for it to finish!! Helppp pleaseeee pleaseee aaaaaaaaaaa

Published date : 1 month ago

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  • 1 month ago
    Hello i managed to fix this a little I did to settings is show hidden folders and the clip studio commons in my Second harddrive (which is currently still in proceess of transferring files so the files in their keeps adding), i saw the materials folder when i did the show hidden folder settings. Should i unhide the folder?? Will that help me not get error changing location materials or ill let it be a hidden folder and it will unhide itself after moving?? Pleaseee helpp because moving data takes hours and hours of waiting i dont want to get error again
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