can't open my friends clip files

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Hello good night !

I'm on the EX version of CSP and... I can't open the .clip files sent to me by my friends. The only .clips I can open are my own. If I want to open my friends' files, they have to send me a .psd file. Rather nerd!

I try to go through all the possible paths, click-drag, open menu, etc... nothing helps, it does not open.

I already had the problem on my old computer but I fixed it by updating CSP. The problem is that I'm currently on the latest version :c

I don't think it's related to the computer since I've changed it since (and I solved the problem the first time) but if ever, the first time I had a macbook pro M1, and I I currently have a MacBook Air M2. Before that, I had a macbook air from 2012, and it never had the problem.

Thank you for your answers !

Published date : 5 days ago

Updated date : 5 days ago


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