A cloud transfer deleted my progress. Can I recover it?

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I've been working on a project back and forth between my laptop and tablet. I had just saved my finished line art when I decided to back up my progress to csp cloud. For whatever reason it wouldn't let me, and said that I had updated the file from another device. After trying a few more times the file just reverted to an older version with hours of progress lost.

Is there any way for me to restore the newer version, or is it gone forever? Also, is there a way I can avoid this in the future?

Published date : 1 month ago

Updated date : 1 month ago


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  • 1 month ago
    You may be able to find a newer version in the CSP backups:
    If it really didn't save, and no newer versions are in there, I think it is lost forever unfortunately.

    To avoid this in the future I'd say keeping frequent backups yourself is always a good idea, especially for important projects (and also voluminous files tend to get corrupted more easily than smaller ones, it's very easy to lose hours of work from this, and I'm talking from experience...)
    I don't know why the error happened in the first place though, I haven't used CSP on a tablet nor used the cloud function enough to be able to help with that. I hope this still helps!

  • 1 month ago
    Thanks, I'll be sure to try that in the future.
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