Every time I open Clip studio all of my files are labeled as "file not found"

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Every time I open Clip studio all of my files are labeled as "file not found" yet are still stored in my computers files and are openable. I have a MacBook Pro 2020 version 12.5 and I'm using the Clip studio paint EX version. The issue is whenever I reopen these files from the finder on my computer it duplicates the file instead of opening the previous one that was labeled "not found." I have updated everything to its max on my computer. This issue is a huge problem for me since the moment I close out Clip studio and reopen it seconds later all of my files are labeled as such. This also goes for my cloud files which are visible on the cloud but do not show up on the section labeled "this device." What's more confusing is that two of my first files which were tests always show up without any difficultly. This issue only started about a week ago and I have yet to figure it out. My settings in my cloud for synchronize works is on and the rest are off if that will help anyone figure this out.

The visible file labelled "Heavenn" was one I opened from finder on my computer the one labelled "not found" was from seconds before I closed out Clip studio and reopened it to see if my problems was still persisting. The two files at the very bottom, like I said before are from when I downloaded Clip studio back in June and haven't been opened or touched since. I've looked through all of the asked questions that were the same as mine on here but none seem to explain this glitch. If anyone knows or has a solution that would be lovely.

  • 1 month ago
    This happens when you move files. To open them you have to try opening the not found one and then browse to renew its location path. Are you keeping them on removable disk or any other location that may change or overwrite itself frequently?
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  • 1 month ago
    To the first part of your answer - yes I must have reopened them incorrectly which caused them to duplicate. I did more research only to find out that my MacBook’s storage was the issue itself. With optimize storage enabled it was removing my files every couple of hours or so off my computer into iCloud which could have also caused some sort of overwrite when redownloaded. I’ve solved this for now hopefilly, but thank you for your help!
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