Adjusting blank space on an animation easily?

I do not understand how to edit the Blank Space on an animation canvas easily in CSP EX. I have attached a screenshot demonstrating the problem.

(1) The base animation. There is too much space at the top of the animation and not enough at the bottom. I want to effectively shift the blue frame indicating the working space down 200 pixels.

(2) Canvas Properties. Here are my settings where the Blank Space can be edited.

(3) To move the working area down, I add 200 pixels to the top and remove 200 from the bottom. In the preview, the box appears to shift down as desired.

(4) The canvas after the change. The entire drawing has moved down, making no change inside the box. The bottom of the drawing is now cut off.

I understand that this changes the value of the Blank Space *outside* the box, and is doing what it is designed to do. But I do now know how to make the change I want to make with accuracy. I would assume to be able to drag the blue box somehow to be where I want it, but I am aware the software cannot do this.

What is the easiest way to do what I am trying to achieve?

Published date : 1 month ago

Updated date : 1 month ago


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    1 month ago
    The situation you describe is an obvious bug after testing.
    How about submitting an improvement request to the support team?

    It's an alternative.
    Step 1) Select the animation folder and execute "Cut" from the Edit menu.
    (If you get a warning that says, "Cut out each layer. Are you sure?", click OK.)
    Step 2) Do steps (2) and (3) you indicated.
    Step 3) Execute "Paste" in the Edit menu.
    that's all.

    Execute "Cut" first, but if you are worried, you can "Copy" in step 1).
    In that case, it will be pasted in step 3) later, so delete the previous animation folder.
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