broken/skipping pen pressure

No matter how steady I keep my pressure on the screen, since the latest update my lines keep skipping and varying in width. I've never had this problem before. I tried resetting all of my brush settings which didn't work, resetting pen pressure settings which didn't work, updating my drivers, etc. The pen pressure is fine using any other app and I've tried the suggested solutions in all the similar threads I could find but nothing is working. Not sure what to do at this point :( help is very appreciated !! Here are some examples of this happening. These were all drawn with my regular pressure and as you can see the line will seem normal before suddenly breaking again. Velocity settings are off as well so I really don't know what's happening.

Published date : 8 days ago

Updated date : 1 day ago


  • 8 days ago
    >> There is no problem with pen pressure even if you use other apps. I've been able to find similar threads, but nothing is working.

    Didn't you write that "it may not be processed in the same way as other applications"?
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