Zoom in/out shortcuts stop working after I switch back to CSP from Chrome on Mac, how can I fix this?

I've updated CSP and the appropriate drivers for my wacom cintiq, I've tried restarting everything multiple times, but ever since updating my CSP the zoom in/out shortcuts bound the the EK remote will stop working after using Chrome.

Can anyone help me figure out what might be happening here?

I've tried reinstalling the drivers which temporarily fixes it until I tab into Chrome and then go back into CSP.

The issue still persists even if I try to bind the zoom in/out functions to the pen as well.

As for the EK remote, the undo/redo functions that I have bound to keys on there still work so it seems to be oddly specific.

Any ideas?

Published date : 2 months ago

Updated date : 2 months ago


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