how to use directional arrows on keyboard to move a layer?

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hello, to move my tracing I like to be able to use directional arrows on the keyboard so:
when I want to move the layer to the left, I use the left arrow.
except that when I use the button move the layer , I have to do it with the mouse or pen of the tablet even if the option is set to move the layer.
instead, when I press the keys, it makes me change my colors when that's not what I want.
for example: I will have blue or white as chosen colors, and if I press the keys, blue will become darker, or black....
what should i do to adjust the settings?

Published date : 3 days ago

Updated date : 2 days ago


  • 2 days ago
    Under the "operation" tool, try to use "select layer" first to pick the layer you want before moving it with the arrow keys. It sounds like it is just moving the tool you are currently using instead.

    OR you may have your arrow keys bound to a different shortcut. Go to your shortcuts and check what you have them set as
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