Do I have to pay again for Clip Studio?

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I was the first to get Clip studio on my old laptop, but now I have a MacBook. I don't think I have Pro/EXO. I think it was also where you only pay once at the beginning. Do I have to buy this again for my Mac, or is it enough to register with my account?

Published date : 3 days ago

Updated date : 3 days ago


  • 3 days ago
    About the price you care about.
    CLIP STUDIO installed at the same time as CLIP STUDIO PAINT can be used free of charge because it is simply software for managing data images and material images.
    CLIP STUDIO PAINT is paid software that requires a license to save works and materials, except during the trial period.
    Licenses include DEBUT version not for sale, PRO version with limited functions, and EX version without functional limitations.
    There are currently two formats for activating a license, a 30-digit serial number and a 12-digit activation code.
    The only purchase method is credit card payment with a 30-digit serial number.
    Depending on the payment method, the 12-digit activation code does not have the activation code itself if it is linked to your account.

    Is that the 30 digit serial number you were using on your "old laptop"? (12-digit activation code and registration method are different)
    It says "I don't think I have Pro/EXO", so is it the DEBUT version?
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  • 3 days ago
    You cannot use it just by registering an account.

    I don't know how you purchased it, but the serial number should have been sent to you by email when you purchased it.
    You can use it by copying and pasting it from Clipstudio PAINT Help → License.
    If you purchased from the official store, the serial number is recorded on My Page, so please check there. I'll post the link.
    The package version has a serial number sticker attached to the DVD case.
    If you register the serial number of the package in the registration tab of the same My Page, you can check it even if it is lost.

    If none of the above apply, please try the contents of the FAQ.

    If these do not work, you will need to repurchase.
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