I want to reduce the size of the app.

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The current app size is about 33GB.
There are about 3 illustrations drawn with the Christa app, and even the one that uses the most space does not use 1GB, so I don't think the illustration is the cause.
I would like to know what the capacity is being used for, but I would like to know how to do it.
Also, how can I reduce the capacity?

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  • 2 days ago

    I am a user of Windows 10, Crysta Grade EX, version 1.12.3.

    >Currently, the app has about 33GB.
    What does app capacity mean?
    Does it show only the work files (manga and illustration) purely?
    In my example, one volume of manga manuscript (approximately 200 pages, black and white) is 29GB.
    We are planning to create 50 volumes in this series. (Episode 1)
    In addition, we are envisioning episodes 2, 3, and 4.

    Data related to the app is below.
    A: Program part
    B: User-dedicated data (PCs usually have dedicated data used by multiple users)
    C: Work data (manga, illustration, etc.)

    You are using Android, but are you aware of A:, B:, and C: above?
    A: I think it's a fixed capacity except for the version difference depending on the device to install.
    B: Increases depending on how the user uses it. (If you are not conscious of it, it may result in a large increase in capacity.)
    C: Increases depending on the user's usage and creation scale.

    About B:
    I don't know the software structure on iPad and Android, so I will explain with WinPC.
    In my case, the CELSYS folder for user-dedicated data is over 100 GB after 10 years of use + material conversion from the previous Comista.
    The individual breakdown of the CELSYS folder can be roughly considered as follows.
    ・Unique file
    ・Exclusive materials for the app
    ・Data and materials stored individually by the user
    ・ Downloaded from ASSETS or individual external materials
    ★ An image material registered in "All materials -> image material -> brush" in the tip image used for the sub tool
    ★ Image material used as [Use as paper texture]
    In particular, the materials indicated by ★ are not taken into consideration, and it is currently difficult to grasp the usage capacity.
    In fact, when reducing cloud capacity overruns, we discovered a significant computational difference that looked like hidden data.

  • 2 days ago
    Thank you very much.
    It was helpful!
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