Selecting eyedropper tool and alt-tabbing freezes everything

Each time I select the eyedroppper tool using the right click on my stylus and I alt-tab to another program I am unable to interact with anything on screen with my mouse. If I try to click on a firefox tab it just acts as if i had just clicked off it and I cannot interact, it also renders my mouse useless as I am not able to click anything.

Published date : 15 days ago

Updated date : 8 days ago


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    15 days ago
    Customizing modifier keys?
    Shouldn't the modifier keys be initialized?
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    15 days ago
    Have you tried resetting the pen tablet?
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  • 15 days ago
    Does it mean that "the side button of the pen is set to right-click, and while pressing it, alt-tab switches to another application"?
    As is often the case with apps such as games, if you press the mouse button while switching to another app and then release the mouse button, the mouse button remains pressed on the previous app. There is a thing that it is fixed in the state.
    I think it can be restored by returning the window focus to CSP with alt-tab and clicking or right-clicking on the CSP window.

    If you're doing that because you want to pick up colors on a non-canvas part of CSP or another app, it's not possible that way.
    Since the eyedropper tool of the sub tool cannot pick up the color outside the canvas of CSP, let's execute "Edit" → "Obtain screen color" or "Obtain screen color by hiding windows" in the upper menu.
    The above two menus exist only on the PC version (Windows / Mac), so for CSP on other platforms, take a screenshot, open it in CSP, and pick up the color with the eyedropper tool of the sub tool. increase.
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