When I select some line art with the lasso, then select scale/rotate, then move it to another part of my drawing, it starts erasing randomly.

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Basically, I select a line I need to move and lasso a very small area around it, then I move it a bit to the right, but then suddenly clip studio paint deletes a large (seemingly random) area around it. I've already reset my selection tool, turned clip studio paint on and off, and turned my computer on and off. I've also checked if I was selecting something else as well but wasn't. I don't know why it's doing this.

Published date : 15 days ago

Updated date : 8 days ago


  • 15 days ago
    I tested something, and it seems like I can select lines I have squiggled with the eraser and move eraser lines with the selection tool? I don't think that should be happening and have no idea why it is.
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  • 15 days ago
    If you are using a vector layer and the same phenomenon as the photo has occurred, do not paint with a transparent color or a normal eraser, check the vector eraser and use the vector eraser to erase cleanly.
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  • 15 days ago
    CLIP STUDIO PAINT has raster layers and vector layers for drawing.

    Are you drawing on a vector layer instead of a raster layer?
    When erasing drawings on a vector layer, you need to use an eraser with "Vector Erase" checked.
    If "Erase Vector" is not checked, it will be drawn in a transparent color instead of being erased.

    You can check whether it is erased or drawn in transparent color with the following settings.
    Menu > View > Show Vector Center Lines > Show Center Lines of Selected Layer (or Show Center Lines of All Vector Layers)
    Dark lines are displayed in red, and white and transparent colors are displayed in blue.

    Please be careful when using vector layers.
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