If you press the cntrl [commmand] key, it changes to layer selection.

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I am a MAC OS user.
I have a habit of drawing lines immediately after ctrl + z in quick succession.
Sometimes changing from a brush to a mouse cursor, selecting a layer moves the picture on the lower layer, etc.
Errors are stressful
I changed the driver again and initialized the hot key / modifier (secondary) key, but it didn't work....
It's too annoying to draw. How can I fix it...?

Published date : 9 days ago

Updated date : 2 days ago


  • 8 days ago
    In CSP, hold Ctrl to switch to the Object Tool.
    I think that the influence of Ctrl remains after pressing Ctrl+Z.

    Try changing the object tool settings. (See attached image)
    Select the object tool → Tool property → Click [Transparency operation] → Uncheck [Switch selection to another layer]
    It will no longer move to the layer you clicked on.

    You may want to click [Selectable Objects] below it and uncheck [Raster Layer] and [Vector Layer].
    If you frequently perform vector operations, it is convenient to create an object tool for vector operations by duplicating the object tool.
    You can change which tool to switch to when you press Ctrl in [Modifier key settings].
    By default, the first one is selected. (This time it's to prevent manipulation, so I think it's okay to leave it as it is.)

    If you want to change
    File menu -> Select [Modifier key settings] -> [Common settings] -> [Ctrl] -> [Change tool temporarily] -> [Settings] -> Select the required tool
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