Is there a way to set ratings for all pose materials or make them invisible?

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Some people set the rating settings well, but
Not setting a rating for the pose material is particularly serious. It happens almost every day that you feel offended every time you log on to see a new material.
The other day, I asked how to make certain materials invisible. I would like to know how to block them completely from view, not just from search, but from new and all materials.

The image is an example of poses that are uploaded to the public without setting a rating. If you search by user name, you can see that the behavior of users who do not set ratings is habitual.
The last image is a screenshot to let you know that these creatives are still visible in 'New Materials'.

Published date : 5 days ago

Updated date : 5 days ago


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  • 5 days ago
    It may take time, but
    If the block doesn't work,
    From the material page of the browser, put a minus sign in front of the name of the material creator and enter it all at once.
    You may want to bookmark that page
    (Perhaps you can save the trouble of hitting each time).

    On the browser side, while it is displayed as a minus search,
    If you find something you want to download,
    Instead of clicking the thumbnail of the material as it is,
    If you open it in a new tab, you can keep the original page, so I think it's good.

    If you open CLIP STUDIO side, if you download the material on the material page of the browser,
    It can be downloaded in conjunction with the application side.
    Why don't you try this method for a while?

  • 5 days ago
    Thank you very much.
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