Can Edge keyboard esc key be used as keyboard esc key?

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I am using the iPad ios16 version and I am using a Bluetooth keyboard (Logitech k380), and this keyboard has a separate esc key. However, the esc key on the k380 keyboard does not work the same as the esc key on the Edge keyboard.

For example, in the window os environment, if you press the esc key while using text (T), the text box you are writing will disappear.
Similarly, on iPad ios16, if you use the edge keyboard esc, you can cancel the text box in the same way, but the esc key on the k380 keyboard does not do anything.
Do other Bluetooth keyboards or magic keyboards not have this symptom?

Due to the nature of comic manuscripts, text is often written, but every time you click the x icon, the movement of your hands becomes congested, work fatigue builds up, and the flow is interrupted. Is there anyone else suffering from the same problem as me?

Published date : 2 months ago

Updated date : 2 months ago


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