On-screen keyboard is not displayed when tabmate is connected with CLIP STUDIO PAINT for Galaxy

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Tablet used: galaxy tab S8 ultra
Phenomenon: When tabmate is connected with CLIP STUDIO PAINT for Galaxy, the on-screen keyboard is not displayed and the layer name cannot be changed. The on-screen keyboard will be displayed again when you try to change the layer name after powering off tabmate.
What kind of settings should I do to enable both tabmate and the on-screen keyboard?

Published date : 2 months ago

Updated date : 1 month ago


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    1 month ago
    Please contact galaxy tab S8 ultra support to enable both TABMATE and on-screen keyboard. I don't know here.
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  • 1 month ago
    Was self resolved. If you set "Settings" → "General management" → "Hardware keyboard" → "Show on-screen keyboard" to ON, tabmate and on-screen keyboard were compatible.
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