Transferring Color Sets Between IPad and PC?

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I'm wondering if this is possible: I have a couple of custom color sets on my IPad version of CSP that I'd like to copy/send/transfer over to my PC. Is there any way to do that or am I better off remaking each color set by hand? Any help is much appreciated!!

Published date : 1 month ago

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  • 1 month ago
    You can either use the cloud or export the color set as a file and send it to the iPad.
    Try to do it in an easy way.

    ■ How to use CLIP STUDIO cloud
    1. Open CLIP STUDIO PAINT on your PC.
    With the color set you want to share displayed, select "Register color set as material" from the palette menu.
    (Keep the color set name and save folder easy to understand.)

    2. Open CLIP STUDIO on your PC.
    Synchronize the color set materials registered on the material management screen by "synchronizing switching". (ON/OFF button on the left of the cloud icon)

    3. Open the CLIP STUDIO material management screen on your iPad.
    Open the cloud tab and check "Display materials used in app settings" in the spanner mark.
    I think that the color set registered on the PC is displayed, so press the blue cloud icon to download a new one.
    Once the cloud icon turns orange, switch from the Cloud to the In-App tab to confirm that the color set has been downloaded.

    4. After that, just like the color set material downloaded with ASSETS, D&D to the color set palette with CLIP STUDIO PAINT, or add it with "Add color set" from the color set palette menu.

    ■ How to use email or external storage
    1. Open CLIP STUDIO PAINT on your PC.
    With the color set you want to share displayed, select "Export color set" from the palette menu to export the color set.

    2. Send the exported color set file to your iPad by email, or upload it to cloud storage such as Dropbox.

    3. Select "Load Color Set" from the color set palette menu on the iPad to load a file attached by email or a file from cloud storage.

  • 1 month ago
    This helped so much, thank you!! <3
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