I have a serial code from buying Manga Studio EX 4 a long time ago, can I use it for CSP?

Hi, I wanted to try using Clip Studio Paint, and remembered I had an old serial number from buying Manga Studio EX 4 from years ago. After installing the latest version of CSP on Windows, I tried entering the serial number but it would ask if I mistyped the code instead, even though I checked the number many times. I looked for answers online, and they suggested to install version 1.6.2, but that version seems to be unavailable to download anymore. I don't know if the problem is that the serial code is so old, or because I may have used it already years ago (unfortunately I don't remember if I had an old account I used back then). Please let me know if there's any way I can still use my old serial number, thank you!

Published date : 16 days ago

Updated date : 9 days ago


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    16 days ago
    If I remember correctly, the serial number of Manga Studio EX 5 sold by SmithMicro could be transferred to CLIP STUDIO PAINT,
    I think the serial number of Manga Studio EX 4 could not be transferred.

    Also, I remember that up to version 1.6.2, the programs were divided by country and it was troublesome to handle language switching. (Usually, I don't switch languages, but...)
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  • 15 days ago
    thank you Happy_New_Year, I'll see if I can find any solution and if not I'll wait for CSP to go on sale again. Thank you for answering my question!
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