How to change the depth of an ellipse

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Hello, is there an easy way to change the depth of an ellipse from it's original size? My problem is making an ellipse at any angle other apart from vertical or horizontal. Changing the ellipse depth from here is impossible because the transform bounding box and the ellipse itself are not aligned. Is this solvable?

Published date : 20 days ago

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  • 20 days ago
    Draw a circle with the ellipse tool on the vector layer. (It can be a perfect circle or an ellipse as long as it is not oblique.)
    Select it with the object tool and adjust the angle and degree of crushing.
    *If you cancel the selection once while tilted, it will be difficult to adjust the degree of collapse, so please be careful.
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  • 20 days ago
    Thanks very much for your reply. I think you have confirmed that it's not possible to adjust the depth of an ellipse from an already confirmed oblique position.
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    19 days ago
    1) Draw a diagonal line on the oblique ellipse by eye on another vector layer. (for guide)
    2) Turn on the grid display and transform/rotate every two layers so that the diagonal guide lines look horizontal.
    3) Hide the layer for the guide, and adjust the vertical width separately by unchecking the "fixed aspect ratio" tool property in the scaling rotation of the transformation.
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