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Worked on a file on my iPad for two hours. Walk away and screen shuts off, when I open back up my work is just gone. Has happened twice now on work I had spent a few hours on. Doesn’t always happen. What is the deal? It regularly stops and yelled me it’s backing something up, but it’s just gone now.

Published date : 20 days ago

Updated date : 13 days ago


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    20 days ago
    How about getting in the habit of "saving" more often than relying on backups?
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  • 19 days ago
    Restoring the canvas is not an auto-save function for your work.

    The canvas restoration feature is just insurance against abnormal terminations such as crashes and freezes.
    Restoration information is saved at set intervals, but the information is automatically deleted after normal completion.

    If it terminated normally, the function will not restore it.
    Please remember to save manually.
    For PC only, backup data is saved separately when manual save is applied.

    On terminals other than PCs, CLIP STUDIO cloud services,
    Restoration is difficult if it is not saved in other cloud services, external storage devices, etc.

    When switching applications, etc., it is safe to save manually.
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  • 19 days ago
    Well since I’m new to this app on iOS and other apps I have used before don’t require saving in this manner I wasn’t looking for this as an issue. I will save more in the future. Not sure why there is always someone who needs to be a jerk about things on the internet. Just asking questions
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  • 16 days ago
    Back at it. Now I have it set to sync, and I’m saving. Then I’m getting an error that it can’t save. So I select save as, as suggested, and it won’t give me another location. I’m honestly hating this experience on iPad. It’s just so clunky in the file side. I just prefer this on a full Mac but I thought this would be a solution but it’s really just ways to waste my time.
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    16 days ago
    I don't know what the answer is to anyone's comment, but how about contacting the official support from the contact at the bottom of this page?
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