How do I clip folders that are set to "Through"?

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I'm just switching from SAI2 where I would always set my folders to "Pass" (equivalent to "Through" in SAI) and clip them to the base color layer to be able to view the shading or make it invisible when I wanted, and to keep things wayyyyy tidier by being able to clip multiple shading folders onto the same base color layer.

It is a core part of my workflow, but you can't do it on Clip Studio because the folder blending mode "Through" turns red and doesn't work, and there's not really a reason why. Does anyone know why it happens, and if there is an alternative that let's me keep my blending modes while not having literal hundreds of layers in view all the time?

I've considered separating folders into blending modes (Like having a Multiply folder, an Overlay folder etc) but that defeats the entire purpose of having layers because I can't decide what goes on top of what anymore.

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    ↑ Because it is Japanese, please use the translation function and refer to it.

    In CLIP STUDIO PAINT, clipping to a layer folder will not be reflected if the blending mode is "pass through".
    When displayed in red, it indicates a clipping failure state.
    Layer folder clipping works in any blending mode other than pass through.

    Either fix each layer on the CLIP STUDIO PAINT side,
    It may be better to work with CLIP STUDIO PAINT after completing some integration with SAI.
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