Can't Buy Ver. 1.0 to 2.0 upgrade purchase. Says I have no plan

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after clicking the button to purchase the discounted PRO 1.0 to 2.0 one time offer for 13.99 it says I don't have a plan... Why do I need a plan if I am upgrading?
It was to my understanding that if I had the perpetual license before Jan 2022, I wouldn't get the 2.0 update for free, but am I also not allowed to purchase the upgrade? Please let me know if I just misunderstood and what my options are.

Published date : 7 days ago

Updated date : 6 days ago


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  • 7 days ago
    That "Currently, you do not have a plan" is just a default header whenever you signin your CSP account. You can ignore that.

    On the screencap that you posted, click on the orange "Latest Update" button near the bottom right. It will redirect to a list of software you can upgrade to (based on your current software). Find the upgrade you want, click "See Details" and then "Upgrade" and it will redirect to the check-out/payment page.

  • 6 days ago
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